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    Corporate team-bonding Tours with a fresh perspective!

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    "None of us had attended a team-building seminar before starting Chatour."

    Looking for unconventional & customizable team-building packages tailored to corporate teams?


    Then Chatour is the right partner you are looking for! We can help you with customized, professional yet unconventional team-building packages for corporate teams.


    Chatours are out of the ordinary corporate team-building tours led by a team of highly ambitious and driven entrepreneurs from the University of Amsterdam. We currently provide three different service packages to choose from.


    Our tour guides are all creative and highly talented individuals living and studying in Amsterdam. They have never followed a traditional team-building workshop before and are driven to throw a fresh perspective onto the whole team-building approach. Get ready for a change in your team's working routine and choose for productive cross-functional TEAM work!


    Welcome to Chatour.

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    Take a look and enjoy!

    Introduce. Intrigue. Integrate.

    A sneak peek into one of our expat tours in Amsterdam.

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    We've got a top notch tour-guide team!



    After every Expat Chatour, your employees will leave with plenty of insights on the cultural diversity and inhabitants of their new home. This is a perfect ice breaker solution for the new employees to integrate into the society.

    Help them to explore their new home!



    Looking for a great way to connect corporate employees from different departments ? The inter-departmental package offers a balance between leisure time and encourage engagement, collaborations and simply getting to know each other on both a personal and a professional level.



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    The intra-departmental service package powered by Chatour offers full immersion and encourages employees within a department to communicate better & exchange ideas to increase productivity levels! We are using customizable tools to freshen up team dynamics.

  • Who We Are

    "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." ~ Henry Ford

    Manav Chhabra

    The Chief Amazement Officer

    Manav is the chief executive officer at Chatour and brings an extensive tour guide experience and network, strong analytical and visionary skills as well as a broad knowledge of business & and economics into the team.


    The ambitious team leader and franchise business owner has spent 4 years living in India and is ready to innovate the touring industry in the Netherlands with his diverse and multicultural insights.

    Ankita Durani

    The Creator of Opportunities

    The dedicated electrical-engineering student leads the operational research and management at Chatour. Pragmatic thinking, electrical circuit designing and cross-cultural project management are only some of her key strengths.


    She grew up in different parts of India and is passionate about conducting field research and learning about cultural integration and team dynamics.

    Natasha Shroff

    The Buzz Ambassador

    Chief marketing officer and passionate polyglot Natasha combines and handles the marketing activities of Chatour with her diverse set of international business skills and passion for digital branding.


    Strengths and skills obtained in previous jobs include financial management, administrative- and SEO-Marketing as well as customer service coaching in multiple languages. Time to use those skills and optimize Chatour's service package in the best way possible!

    Pim Broersen

    The Sales Ninja

    Pim is handling the commercial activities at Chatour as the chief commercial officer. The outgoing chemistry student is also known as “The Motivator” due to his ever-lasting positive energy and convincing sales attitude.


    Continuous superb sports performance shows how he combined his strengths; motivation, discipline and resilience to reach his targeted objectives and now challenges Chatour to strive for the best possible service package.

  • Partners

    We are working together with our partners to create awesome edutainment opportunities for corporate teams.

    Amsterdam Business School

    Mission: Foster independent and entrepreneurial minds

    The Amsterdam Business School is part of the University of Amsterdam and offers an intensive 6-Month Entrepreneurship course in which the Chatour team is currently taking part in. Our company receives support by the network of the Business School as well as their partners such as the ACE Venture Lab.

    VR Game Room Amsterdam

    Mission: Creating awesome experiences using virtual reality technology

    Get immersed in Virtual Reality through the newest Oculus Rift! Take a dive in the ocean, ride a VRollercoaster, shoot fireballs out of your own hands and take a walk in a frightening horror-game. Everything is possible in VR! Your friends will also be entertained; VR experience will be displayed on a screen. By utilizing the the newest technology you will have an awesome experience!

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    We can help you find the right service package for your corporate team.

    University of Amsterdam
    Mon-Fri 9:00 - 17:00
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